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Lakeland Storage Movers

Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage in Lakeland
We’ve all seen the storage units by the side of the road that look like a cluster of mini garages people use to temporarily store belongings they do not have room for. That’s not professional storage. That’s putting your stuff in a garage and hoping it’s still there and not water damaged or rodent chewed when you want it again sometime in the future.

MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC: Storage Movers in Lakeland

Once your belongings are secured in your dedicated storage vault, they are cataloged and stored in our climate-controlled storage warehouse. Controlling temperature and especially humidity is important to safe storage of furniture, clothing, and other valuables, as it prevents growth of mildew, mold, and other contaminants which assault the integrity of your possessions. In addition, all of our vaults are wood constructed to let air flow through them, enabling your furniture to breathe, and preventing the growth of mold or mildew. No other Lakeland storage facility keeps your belongings as safe.

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Protect Your Belongings in
Lakeland Florida’s Premiere Secure Storage Facility.

Professional storage is having all your belongings stored in a secure, climate-controlled area, knowing with certainty that they will be in the same condition when they come out as they were when they went in. At MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC in Lakeland fl we prep your belongings for storage as if we were preparing them for a cross-country move.

All furniture pieces are pad and shrink wrapped to protect them from any potential nicks or gashes that could occur anytime during the process of going into or out of one of our custom storage vaults.

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When it’s time to retrieve your belongings, they are already prepped for delivery, so it’s a simple matter of loading them on the Florida moving van, and delivering them to your new home. Secure storage from MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC is also safer than Lakeland fl self-storage facilities , which have an alarmingly high rate of burglary. In some cases, the thieves simply rent a self-storage locker, cut the locks on their neighbors’ storage units, move the stuff out, and nobody finds out it’s gone until months later. Professional storage is not for everyone.

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However, if you have a need to temporarily relocate the furnishings of your Lakeland home or the treasures you have accumulated over a lifetime, professional storage from MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC is for you. For the best Lakeland storage service available contact MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC today, and see why we are the best moving company in Florida for all your moving and storage needs.

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Lakeland Storage Movers
Lakeland Storage Movers
Lakeland Storage Movers