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What does a one-piece moving do? Yes, as the name suggests, they do move and remove single furniture. But to consider this as their only function would be a huge fallacy. Most one-piece movers you have ever seen working or have heard about are employees of moving and storage companies, as well as MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC one piece movers.

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This gives testament to the fact that one-piece movers are responsible for dealing with not only furniture but appliances, moving boxes and various other things involved with moving and removals. You might have seen a lot of freelance one-piece movers one-piece movers on classified websites, offering their expert moving services to those in need. But these freelance movers only move your belongings from one floor to another, or from your house till the moving truck. That is the total extent of their responsibilities.

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The job of a one-piece movers involves a lot of heavy lifting, being focused and on their feet at all times, and the added pressure of taking care of every item they pack, unpack, load or unload. Punctuality is also a big worry for all one-piece movers. You might ask WHY, but in all honesty, the answer is so simple that you did not even have to ask the question. Whenever you hire the services of one piece moving services, you sign a service contract with them. This service contract includes some terms and conditions, one of them being the time frame within which your belongings will be delivered from your old home to the new one.

Our trusted one-piece movers have also been trained in taking care when moving any and all items from someone’s home or office, they have gone through a comprehensive screening process, and they have the experience and knowledge to get any moving job completed with a smile on their face.

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Now if a one-piece movers services does not stick to a fixed schedule, he will end up compromising his punctuality, which would legally mean a breach of contract. So, to avoid such issues,one-piece movers must always stress about being on time at all places. If you were smart enough to pack your own boxes, then a one-piece movers will go through all the boxes and items of furniture you have packed and put numbered or coloured stickers on them. The numbers or colours of these stickers will be noted down on the inventory sheet you created, or they created for you, in accordance with the items packed. There are two copies of the inventory sheet, one for you, the customer, and one for the movers. You need to check each and every item in the sheet and match them with the numbers or colours yourself to make sure that everything is in order.

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The one-piece movers specialize in shifting heavyweight furniture to a brand new location without any hassle. In a few cases, if the staircase of any house remains too narrow for bringing down huge furniture to the moving truck, they use crane and additional accessories to make sure those can be shifted without any scratch on it. For moving the small furniture, they use packing pads and other fillers to make sure the furniture remain in place. However, not all the companies have the right equipment and accessories to move huge furniture like antique removals , piano removals , pool table removals or spa removalists. Therefore, it is mandatory to ask before you make the final deal.

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For more information on one piece moving services don’t hesitate to get in touch to one of Expert Team Members or representatives on (813) 304-8458 for a free obligation quote from the MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC Team, simply fill out our quick quote form or write an email or call us directly as per your convenience. Our Head office is located in Melbourne, fl and MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC offices are spread across over other major cities.

Melbourne One-Piece Movers
Melbourne One-Piece Movers
Melbourne One-Piece Movers