Do you like a blend of rural areas and larger suburbs?

Located in the county of Hillsborough, Wimauma is a very small area in the state of Florida. With a population of 10,085 Wimauma shows an impact of the state’s growth over the past year.
With a sparse suburban feel, Wimauma provides a blend of rural area and larger suburb, more space for the money, and a tight-knit community.
Wimauma, Florida also has an abundance of natural trails, famous beaches, restaurants of all kinds, and historical sights to offer visitors and also a spectacular place for nature lovers.
Visitors to an unincorporated census-designated place, Wimauma will discover a long list of things to do in Florida from natural wonders to fantastical journeys of the imagination.
For many people, dining out and sampling authentic local cuisine is high on their to-do list. Wimauma, Florida doesn’t disappoint with its wide array of local seafood.
Find some of the best malls or charming markets like; King Row Shopping Center, Bloomingdale Hills Shopping Center, and Briton Plaza Shopping Center that boast the widest selections by offering a variety of quality local goods.
Enjoy a pleasant evening out with delicious food and loads of feelings while watching Wimauma’s home team compete in the stadium. On the other hand, you can visit a variety of parks, sports venues, and golf courses.
In addition, Wimauma boasts many architecturally elaborate libraries that not only act as great studying spaces but also hold copious amounts of books.

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Tips for safe Packing & Moving

  • The following tips will surely help you make your move easy.
  • Add some extra newspaper to the bottom and top of the box for cushioning to pack China.
  • Remember to double-tape the bottom of each box before filling it.
  • Be sure to line the box with bubble wrap, blankets, or pillows for fragile items.
  • The consideration you should take into account is labeling each box.
  • Labeling each box with the name of the location it belongs will enable movers to place your belongings where you want them without having to ask.

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